Holy Name of MaryHoly Name of Mary Catholic Parish

       and Elementary School

Our Lady of Lake Huron, 413 South 1st Street, Harbor Beach, MI 48441; St. Anthony of Padua, 8233 Helena Rd, Harbor Beach, MI 48441

Holy Name of Mary Women's Altar Society

Before the merger of our two parishes into Holy Name of Mary Parish, the women of St. Anthony's Church had a very vibrant and strong Altar Society.  Now we have invited all women of our combined parish to join in our efforts to continue to assist our parish family in service and fund raising.

The general purposes of our Women's Altar Society is as follows:

  • To assist the pastor when called upon for parish projects.
  • To promote the material welfare of the parish through fund-raising projects.
  • To foster Christian charity and fellowship.
  • To care for the needs of the altar and the church.


Membership consists of all women over the age of 18 of Holy Name of Mary Parish who wish to share in the membership of our Altar Society.

Our Main Activity is the hosting of the Annual Fundraiser Ham and Sausage Dinner during the Fall of each year.  This fundraiser has been a success for many years and has contributed to the fellowship, unity, and service of our Parish Family.  All are welcome to come and assist us in this fabulous effort.

We usually have two meetings each year.  One meeting will be held before our Ham and Sausage Dinner and another meeting will be held after the Dinner takes place to evalute and assess for the following year, as well as to determine any other assistance we as a Society can be to our parish.

For more information on how to join us, please contact our current President, Joan Roggenbuck. Call the parish office to contact her.